Friday, May 25, 2012

A teaching moment

Wow it's been forever since I've posted!!!  Sorry about that!!

As I am quickly approaching the birth of another baby and the baptism of Brendan I've hit a time to grow through struggles and to reflect and build on my testimony.  This night was one such moment.  A teaching moment in the early morning that has most likely done more for me in bringing the spirit back in my life than anything I have done on my own.  It is true that a child will lead us..........................

My Journal Entry (5/25/12) 5:10am
You never know when those teaching opportunities will come.....even at 5 am when you 10 year old son wakes from having a bad dream about the "end of the world."  Poor James was filled will such terror that he was shaking. I had the opportunity to talk to him about the coming of Christ, the Millennium, about every spirit in the spirit world getting to receive a body and the the eventual baptism of the earth by fire so that the would be changed into the Celestial Kingdom (Perfect in every way).....and about living at resurrected beings with our families forever.  After telling all this and how we don't have to worry about anything but preparing for the Savior to come again he said I'm still shaking.  I asked if he had prayed and would like to listen to music. While I went to find his MP3 player I saw him kneeling in prayer on the foot of my bed; an image to melt my heart.  Then, as I turned the music on and placed an earphone in his ear he said: "Mom, I think I know why I was suppose to have this dream."  I said, "Why?" He responded with: " I could learn more about those things." Wow!  If ever there were a manifestation of how strong these spirits are that have been sent to us now and how great a responsibility we have to put them in touch with themselves!  There is indeed no greater reward then the joy we feel as a mother when our children have these wonderful growing moments.  There is no other job I'd rather have!

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Linda said...

What a sweet and tender moment. We have such great opportunities as mothers. You are preparing him for great things!